Services and Specialty of Edifica Constructora de la Huasteca

Experience and Knowledge in Construction Services

We have extensive experience in the execution of civil works for the manufacturing industry.

The building of houses is part of the experience that our staff has as well as the building of classrooms, laboratories, among others.

Our staff training is based on the experience of building various subdivisions for the Infonavit, fovissste, as well as for the private iniciative, incorporating in them the design, construction of drinking water networks, sanitary drainage, electric power, pavements and platform.

Similarly, in paving works for the city council and the construction of drainages for Junta de Aguas y Drenajes of H. Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

The work we’ve done demonstrates our ability to respond to the most varied requirements from our customers, accepting the dynamic of each particular plan.

The foundation of our company is the commitment and the final quality of the project entrusted by our customers.